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TEEN TOP(틴탑)_Rocking(장난아냐) MV

틴탑 미니앨범 'TEENTOP CLASS' 장난아냐 MV
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99 Liner : admit it.. Youtube didnt recommend this video.. but YOU SEARCH FOR THIS!! We are same tho
Hanna Ryu : 2020 and I'm still here..miss teentop,beast,infinite,btop,exo n other old groups huaaaa
Ngọc Thảo Nguyễn : Hello
김상순 : 배셀
Brenda yuni Cruz sanchez : Me encanta esta musica, amo lo talentosos que son:)
KIM JONG UN 김정은 : Generasi flu burung mana suaranya?
K.G : Who's watching from 2020 ??
Offline Grande : My favourite from Teen Top. Used to listen to this a lot when I'm still in college
박정아 : 내 연애랑 이 노래 가사랑 넘 똑같아

ilyaishah : I still love #2020 love u TT

Teen Top - Rocking (Dance Practice)

Teen Top (틴탑) - Rocking (장난아냐) (Dance Practice)
brwin : legendary
Akatsuki Aresha : The amount of joy this brings me is amazing....
sehun's nipples : Their feet said ⬅↗↖↙↘⬇⬆↗⬅↙↘↖
cereal_bowl268 : Pretty good at x1.05 speed
Shuri Ablio : L.Joe MY BOYY☺☺ he dances with black tie and yellow bennie, make him super hot and adorable at the same time
Jisung Pwark : 7 years later and I still can't do this dance
E_master sensei : El la parte de 2:05 me se ese pasito
kpop가사 : 2020
Rufaidah Nur Baiti : Hmm now i just realized they really like kicking tho
D A L A L : 2020?

Teen Top - Rocking (장난아냐) [Hangul/Romanization/English] Color & Picture Coded HD

Requested by: ray382vk
▼Check out the full album in the links below▼

Color Code:
C.A.P - Red
Niel - Green
Changjo - Blue
Chunji - Purple
L.Joe - Light Blue
Ricky - Orange

2. 장난아냐 (Rocking) ♫Now Playing♫
3. Don't I

4. Oh! Good

5. Date

6. Rockstar (ft. Maboos)

[Repackage] Lovefool(못났다):

Artist: Teen Top
Song: Rocking (장난아냐)
Album: Teen Top Class
Hangul: music.daum
Romanization: thelapan
Translation: pop!gasa
Color Coding: colorcodedlyrics
Subbed: Kimoi21200
냠ᄏᄏ : 추억이다
황주연 : I love C.A.P ❤❤❤❤
임기상 : 0:15
janina jopson : 7 years ago i practice this and i got the foot steps.. so proud of myself until now i can still do it Lol
박상희 : 배운사람이든안배운사람이든
박상희 : 언제부터 다들 격식차리지않앗어 누구시든
박상희 : 나 잘떠나
elle mai : Before SuperM jopping came out
Lazy Alien : They are really don't joke ️️
G Bowlin’ on The Spot : Teen Top, we gon' rock it, drop it, top it, hey, don't stop it, pop it.




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