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English Listening Practice Level 1 | Listening English Practice for Beginners in 3 Hours

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__Parmida __ : Thx
محمد الرشيدي : Thank you
Mariannne Jeppesen : Excellent !!!!
نايف الرشيدي : حلو واستفد منه
Massoud Ghayebi : So useful
Mustafa Yurdusev : Are we learning british or american english. What is it type .
Kong Chow : D
Ram naresh Bhakal : l want to learn english ..anybody can talk with me in eeglish.. it is helpul for us ..
Антон Кулагин : Интересно, сколько слов здесь используется? I wonder how many words to use here?
Xiangping Xiao : thankyou i very like those listens and i never read good article like this,thankyou

Efficient training of English listening - Advanced Level (1)

Repeatedly listen to the pronunciation of native speakers, and it will really improve your listening level!

The recording will be played four times in total. First, it will be played twice at natural speed, and you can guess what the recording is about. Then the recording will be played twice in an easy-to-understand speech, and the subtitles will be displayed on the screen, so you can check the answers.

Advanced Level (2)

■Efficient training of Spoken English listening

■Efficient training of Spoken English listening - Intermediate Level

■1000 English conversation phrases that seem easy but are not

■Real English Phrases for Speaking - For ESL Students

유재만 : Useful !!
esketit : that's not advanced, thats intermediate lol
Donghoon Lee : Very difficult
Glauco Silva : I'm listening in July 2020...
Heba Dawahra : Very helpful thanks
dadang jatnika : thank you for the extraordinary lesson
Nordine Housni : Thanks . Very useful
krystyna karkula :
sandy Kent : Thank you and lots of love from India.

IELTS Listening Test 1 - Section 1

This is the IELTS – International English Language Testing System. Section 1 listening. Try to do it and check your answers at the end along with audio scripts.
Habib ur Rehman Raja : 8/10
Habib ur Rehman Raja : Your way of correctness helped a lot
Jagdeep Singh :
Thong Tran : 5 PIE
7 100.25
Thong Tran : 1 Marshall
2 180 days
3 3.85
4 Monthly
Ogas Sherby : The accent made me hard to listen what lady speak.
INJAMAMUL HAQUE : I can't understand which question demands what answer. Any suggestions plz
My Nguyen : I wrote the audio scripts. We can use it to improve your vocabulary.
Don't see them if you want to improve your listening skill!
Rachayita : Don't you think the 6th question should be 'Depends on' instead of 'Depend on'
hoa tran thi : My mother language is Vietnamese, i can hear the conversation clearly but the problems is : Do i need to translate it into Vietnamese while i was listening ? cause it has some new words. Thanks in advance if you can give me some advices.




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